We Are Zhest Consult

Zhest Consult is a Ghanaian private company that provides consultancy services in hand holding, development and establishment of new businesses, or turning around existing ones, in the emerging markets of West Africa, especially Ghana. Our services are tailored to meet both companies with specific project interests or long term operations within the sub region.
Our Services are also ideal for foreign companies and Ghanaians in the Diaspora who wish to start businesses or invest in Ghana. We have access to a wide range of professional and government networks, which ensures that we provide accurate and quality information and services to our clients and partners.
Our consulting experts have the knowhow and the relevant market intelligence to meet all the challenges for providing total quality solutions to private and public establishments alike; in their bid to establish and operate in the market. The company ensures the quality of the provided services by adhering to the highest standards of performance and delivery.


  • Vision statement

The Zhest Vision is to achieve global renown as the preferred point of call for effectiveness and adaptability in business improvement and integration of businesses into new markets in Africa and beyond.

  • Mission statement

The Zhest Mission is to achieve success for our clients through a firm adherence to the principles of:

  1. Consistent Knowledge Acquisition,
  2. Effectiveness in Delivery,
  3. Dependability of Actions and
  4. Openness in Transactions.

  • Business Goals & Objectives in a Nutshell

A careful study of the market within which we operate, coupled with our strong background and networks and the appropriate vision; provides the flexibility that will allow the vision to continue its development and face the challenges of the new era in these emerging markets. Participating in an international environment, mainly characterized by market globalization and intensive competitiveness, Zhest Consult is paving its own path with a clear strategy for the future in markets less explored than elsewhere.

  • Originality & Improvement

Zhest Consult is constantly investing to improve its competencies, not only in the domains of its core expertise; but also in advanced areas of new knowledge that would bring about new and business enhancing service offerings. We continue to gather information about our market to improve our readiness for prospective clients.

Our Clients

Business & Environmental Research
Business Development
Business & Environmental Research