Services we provide

Zhest Consult is an innovative business and research consultancy. We are market entry and business ‘turn around’ experts. We conduct exclusive business soft skills training and research; and also provide general business consultancy services for both local and global Companies and organizations. Our core services include;


  • Organizational Development and;
  • Business Strategy
  • PR & Event Planning : Our company has been behind some of the notable business events in Ghana including KTEG (Kenya Trade Expo, Ghana; Yonder Music Live Presentation to name a few). We produce documentaries, and promotional adverts and run an online social commentary platform called Feint&Margin.


We are specialists at providing Soft Skills training to ensure that all your staff deploy their hard skills effectively and efficiently to achieve optimum results. Some of our Soft Skills Modules include:

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • The Culture Compass – Adapting to Cross-Cultural Work Environments
  • Sales and Marketing Training
  • Debt Collection Skills
  • Conflict Management in the Workplace
  • Personnel Management for Business Leaders etc.

All our soft skills training is conducted in partnership with Knutsford University College. Knutsford University College is accredited by NAB and affiliated with the University of Ghana.


    • Market and Marketing Research
    • Environmental Studies:

- Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments
- Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)
- Environmental Management Plans (ESMPs)
- Resettlement Action Plans etc.

  • Stakeholder Mapping and Consultation
  • Programme and Policy Evaluations
  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Socioeconomic Studies
  • Local Economic Development
  • Campaign Evaluation Research etc.